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Afternoons with Jellybean

The name is Jellybean. Most don’t even know my real name; they just know me as “Jellybean”! I received it back in high school when I was the “FAT KID” and a Senior told me I looked like a red Jellybean...from that moment on it’s been my name. Chicks dig it, so I don’t complain.

I’m a very active guy. I can't sit down...always have to be doing something! I love riding my mountain bike, playing hockey, football, softball, skiing, anything where I can get a little banged up and have some FUN! Even though I’m very active I don’t mind being a beach bum in the summer and enjoying that “lake effect”  

I’m imported from Detroit!  One of the most diehard Detroit Sports fans you will ever meet!

I love all genres of music, but my heart has always been with Rock N Roll but I can jam out to anything.

I’m a movie NERD. You’ll see me at Celebration Cinema at least once a week. I can’t tell you my favorite movie because there are too many good ones!

If you wanna talk sports, music, or movies, shoot me a line at jellybean@wirx.com.