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I am not afraid to eat pasta with ice cream, I'm a go getter. I sleep once a day and always dream about life as a stunt man. I have made extraordinary five course banquets using only a spatula and a toaster. I won a dance off with Michael Jackson and I consistently beat Chuck Norris in arm wrestling.

I memorized the entire dialogue from Pulp Fiction whilst reading the whole Millennium trilogy all in one day, yet still had time to cut down a tree for firewood that evening. Celebs worldwide envy my original line of evening wear. Brad Pitt stole my red jacket for the filming of Fight Club. I can bake a cake in 5 minutes dead.

Animals love me but Fish hate me. I know the exact location of every item in supermarkets I have never been to and against all health and safety advice, I demand to sit in the trolleys. I always pick the thinnest, wonkiest Christmas trees, just because they make me giggle like a child. On the third Wednesday of every month I repair unicycles free of charge. I never perspire except on Sundays.

Babe That Rocks