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I hail originally from Northern Virginia right outside of DC. Moved to Morgantown, WV in 2000 for college at WVU and stayed there for 15 years before ending up in Illinois and now Michigan. I talk a lot and love music so the whole “radio dj” thing just kind of fit. I never intend to offend anyone but usually do. I’m blunt and don’t censor myself unless its something that will get me fined by the FCC, and even then, it’s questionable! I somewhat play guitar and paint, love pitbulls and everything music related… except for Kanye. Kayne can sit on a tack. Everything else you’re gonna have to ask if you want to know. Just hit up or find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud at @KTRGRocks.

Charmed Is Getting A Reboot [VIDEO]

Screen Grab

But it’s a little different than you would think. They’re not remaking the original with new characters or actresses. They’re not recreating the original for modern times. Instead, they’re going back in time.