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Rex's Pro Football Challenge

Time once again for Rex’s Pro Football Challenge!
Click the link below to sign up!
Join Group Number: 14543
Password: wirx

Score prizes from Rex’s stash! Top 3 places will win!
Rex won last year, so prizes went to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place.
New this year: picking against the spread.
For instance, in Week 1 the Bears play Cincinnati.
The Bears are favored to win the game by 3 points.
If you think that the Bears will win by at least 3 points, you would pick the Bears.
If you think the Bears will win by less than 3 points, or lose the game, then you would pick the Bengals.
Example #2: Lions are 4.5 point favorites against the Vikings.
If the final score is Lions 24 - Vikings 21, people who picked the Lions would get that game wrong, because the Lions didn’t cover the spread.
(24 minus 4.5 = 19.5, so for our purposes the score is Vikings 21 - Lions 19.5)

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