House Republicans Lack Support For Income Tax Repeal

Governor Rick Snyder still has concerns about the fiscal implications of an income tax cut after House Republicans revised their legislation. The Republican governor issued a statement Tuesday night saying he appreciates House leaders taking seriously his concerns. Representative Lee Chatfield is behind the push to lower the tax rate from 4.25% to 3.9%, but is giving up on the idea of rolling it back completely over 39 years.

“Our goal all along has been to deliver on the promise made to the people in 2007. We think the legislation in its current form, with its subsitute, accomplishes that goal,” Chatfield told reporters at the Capitol on Tuesday.

Governor Snyder says he still has “a billion dollars’ worth of concerns because there has been no plan presented as to how this will affect residents and their communities statewide.” The governor ducked out a back door at the Lansing Center from an appearance yesterday without speaking the Capitol press corps, and later issued a statement on the revised tax plan. Republicans were more than a dozen votes short of having enough support to competely eliminate the income tax.