Week Of Animal Education At Warren Dunes State Park

All this week, Warren Dunes State Park is offering programs to teach young people about the wildlife that live there. Specifically, they’re focusing on mammals, as this is Mammal Week. Park Explorer Guide Mike Latus tells WSJM News they’ve got all kinds of critters to talk about.

“We have so many deer out here, we had to open the park to hunting,” Latus said. “Otherwise, they would eat our forest. We’ve got a lot of squirrels. We have red squirrels, gray squirrels, fox squirrels. We have chipmunks. They’re a kind of squirrel. And we have flying squirrels.”

Wednesday, the subject was squirrels. Throughout the rest of the week, Latus will teach kids about bats and deer, and also how to recognize animal tracks. Contact Warren Dunes State Park to find out more. You can also get the full schedule below.