LaSata Waiting For Approval Of Tax, Court Security Bills

With Michigan lawmakers back at work, state Representative Kim LaSata is waiting to see her first pieces of legislation pass the Senate. First, she has a plan to close a loophole allowing vacation homeowners in Michigan to claim the homestead exemption on their Michigan property even if they’re already claiming their other property as a homestead in another state. LaSata tells WSJM News her other bill has to do with court security.

“My other bill would protect the courtroom personnel,” LaSata said. “Just like our law enforcement, our fire people, our EMTs are protected, our courtroom personnel need to be protected as well.”

LaSata tells us the court security bill was inspired by the Berrien County Courthouse shootings last year. The penalty for assaulting court support staff would go from a maximum of 10 to 15 years under the plan.