Proos Talks Budget

State Senator John Proos is pleased with the budget approved by Michigan lawmakers on Tuesday. The $57 billion spending plan for the 2019 fiscal year includes boosts in funding for education, courts, and roads. Proos tells us lawmakers continue to scrape together a little more road funding each year.

“We made sure that we invested $330 million new dollars of general fund dollars directly into our roads,” Proos said. “We all know it’s a priority. That makes several billion dollars in just the last couple of years of new investment.”

The budget also includes an extra $110 or $220 per pupil for schools, depending on the district.

“The good news is that’s more investment in kids and our schools, focusing in particular on career and technical education,” Proos said.

Proos, who works frequently on corrections issues, tells us the budget includes more money for problem-solving courts. He tells us they can train prisoners with new skills so they can avoid re-offending upon release.