Van Buren County Murder Suspect Charged

The man accused of a murder last Thursday in Van Buren County is behind bars on a $3 million bond. Troy Taylor was arraigned yesterday on open murder and felony firearms charges for allegedly shooting and killing a former friend, Timothy Henley of Kalamazoo, at a Pine Grove Township house. Taylor spent several days on the run before being captured earlier this week at a home in White Pigeon, and prosecutors are planning to bring charges against those who were trying to keep him from police. According to police, Taylor was at the home to pick up his daughter, and an argument ensued between him and Henley. Henley broke out a window in Taylor’s car, prompting him to pull a gun and shoot. The victim was dating the gunman’s ex-girlfriend, who is also the mother of Taylor’s daughter. Police say that relationship resulted in the end of their friendship.