Plan To Establish Funding For Great Lakes Research

Legislation from Senator Gary Peters is aimed at boosting protections for the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes Fishery Research Authorization Act would give the U.S. Geological Survey the authority to support the Great Lakes Science Center with funding. Peters tells WSJM News Great Lakes research does not receive regular funding renewals.

“We already do a great deal of research on fisheries in salt water, but for whatever reason, in the past the Great Lakes have never had their own budget line and it’s been uncertain as to what kind of funding they’re going to get,” Peters said. “We’re going to change that.”

Peter says the Great Lakes Science Center works on improving the fishing industry and also provides research on stopping invasive species.

“Without their efforts, our fish stocks — both commercial and recreational — would have been decimated,” Peters said.

The new legislation would allow the U.S. Geological Survey’s director greater authority to devote money to the Great Lakes. It also authorizes $17.5 million per year for the Great Lakes Science Center through 2027.