Talks Underway Regarding Fire Department Consolidation


Talks are underway regarding a possible consolidation of the fire departments in Baroda Township, Lake Township, and Bridgman. Baroda Township Supervisor Jim Brow tells WSJM News the idea came up a few months ago, and one meeting between local firefighters has been held so far. He says sharing resources, especially for taking calls, could have benefits.

“Baroda’s got about 22 guys,” Brow said. “A lot of them are deer hunters, a lot of them go fishing, and a lot of them are out of town, and sometimes we might only have seven or eight guys available, and three or four of them might be out of town.”

Brow says the level of fire coverage for residents wouldn’t change.

“We’d still keep the same fire stations,” Brow said. “One in Bridgman, one in Baroda, and one in Lake Township.”

Brow says there will be at least two more meetings on the subject, and in the end, the decision will be left up to voters. He says the November election could bring a ballot question to residents in the affected areas. In the meantime, Brow tells anyone with thoughts to contact the township hall. He says officials want input.