Slipknot “Trying Something New” As They Begin Working On Nero Forte Video

Slipknot have begun work on a video for their track Nero Forte, off of the We Are Not Your Kind album. Percussionist Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan posted a video from the set to tell fans that the band would be “trying something new” on the video shoot.

Clown says: “We’re getting ready for our video Nero Forte. We’ve grabbed an MGM spot where they have a sound stage. Usually in Slipknot, things get crazy quickly and we start losing time because of space. We’ve brought the space in a lot tighter and I think this is going to work. Now we can paint, everyone that’s involved can paint – everyone can put their two cents in and really get in here and make something special.”  He adds: “To all the Slipknot fans, this is going to be an amazing time. Thanks for being here. We’re trying something new. Welcome to Nero Forte – the dark force.”

Slipknot will be back on the road across South America in November and December, before returning to the UK and Europe in early 2020.

Slipknot Have Shared An Update From Behind The Scenes Of Their New Video For ‘Nero Forte’


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