Van Buren Road Commission Seeking Millage Renewal

A couple of meetings are coming up in Van Buren County for residents to learn about a road millage renewal that will be on their March 10 ballot. Van Buren County Road Commission Finance Director Linnea Rader tells WSJM News this is strictly a renewal, and not a new millage. The road commission asks for voters to re-approve what she calls an essential millage that’s been in place since 1978.

“This millage is very important to the roads system,” Rader said. “It’s used only on the roads system. It’s used for road construction and improvement projects. It is not used for any routine maintenance operations.”

Rader says the millage this year is expected to generate about $3.2 million, with $2.5 going to the road commission and $659,000 going to cities and villages in Van Buren County. Meetings for the road commission to explain more will be held on January 30 and February 27. Each will be at 6 p.m. at the Van Buren Conference Center in Lawrence.