New Buffalo Removes Docks To Avoid Damage From High Water Levels

The city of New Buffalo has removed the docks from its municipal marina for the winter. City Manager David Richards tells WSJM News this is in response to the high water levels on Lake Michigan that left the docks underwater for much of the boating season.

“We figured that if they were in the water, they would be subject to ice damage, and so we took them out, completely put them up on the land, where they’re going to be cleaned and painted,” Richards said. “Then in the spring, we’re going to put them back into the water, flush with the sidewalk.”

Richards says when the docks are reinstalled at a higher height this spring, they will be usable again for boaters. He says the city expects higher-than-usual water levels in Lake Michigan to continue for the next three to five years. A team from Abonmarche and the King Company of Holland developed the plan to adjust the docks. Richards says the city also looked at floating docks, but they are expensive.