Whirlpool, Dow, Reynolds Team Up To Make New PPE For Hospitals

Whirlpool and Dow are teaming up with Reynolds Consumer Products to manufacture and donate 2,000 respirators to healthcare facilities in Michigan, Louisiana, and Texas. The joint project is a protective piece of headgear and respirator system that will be manufactured and sold through WIN Health Labs, LLC, in addition to an initial donation to hospitals. Whirlpool designed, manufactured and assembled the headset. Dow provided the polyethylene resin for the hoods, and Reynolds, makers of Hefty brand products, designed and produced the disposable hood. Volkswagen brokered connections with materials and supply chain partners to source critical components. Spectrum Health Lakeland president Dr. Loren Hamel said in a statement they’re using N95 and respirators at a rate ten-times higher than normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Two thousand units are being produced in the first phase for donation to hospitals located in regions where Whirlpool and Dow have operations, as well as other hospitals in need of PPE.