SWM Lawmaker Critical Of Governor’s Latest Actions

State Senator Aric Nesbitt isn’t pleased with the way the Whitmer administration handled the latest announcement about COVID restrictions. The governor and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services announced the latest shut downs Sunday, but Nesbitt says the Legislature wasn’t told.

“I was hearing that she was talking to lobbyists on Friday and Saturday, and she didn’t tell us until Sunday when she told the rest of the population,” Nesbitt said.

Nesbitt says there should be more transparency with closing orders if the governor is going to insist on going it alone.

“None of the medical director or the chief medical officer, the state’s epidemiologist will share with the Legislature or the people of Michigan what science and data she’s using to decide what to close down and what not to close down.”

The governor indicated Sunday the Legislature hasn’t done anything about COVID, but Nesbitt said that’s not true. He says lawmakers have approved several coronavirus-related bills, many of which were shot down by the governor. He also says the policies the governor has followed have “failed.”