Michigan Supreme Court Hearing Slip-And-Fall Case

The Michigan Supreme Court is hearing arguments on a slip and fall case out of Oakland County that could impact future rulings across the state. Jennifer Buhl filed a lawsuit after twisting her ankle on a sidewalk outside Trend Express Market in Oak Park back in May 2016. While her case was pending, the state Legislature changed the law, saying basically that Buhl could not sue because the defect in the sidewalk was open and obvious. Attorney Ven Johnson says the Supreme Court should not retroactively apply the law.

“This is something that’s been going on for 30 years and today’s a huge step, pun fully intended, that the Michigan Supreme Court could send a message to the Legislature and to the people that we’re about inherent fairness here,” says Johnson. “We can’t just apply this law retroactively and pretend like it’s always been that way when it wasn’t.”

A decision in the case is expected in a few months.