Indiana Michigan Power To Upgrade High Voltage Transmission Lines Next Year

Indiana Michigan Power is planning to rebuild its high-voltage transmission line in the Benton Harbor and St. Joseph area starting late next year. The utility will invest over $17 million in the project. The work will rebuild a high-voltage electric line connecting the Main Street Substation in Benton Harbor to the Hickory Creek Substation in St. Joseph. Crews will upgrade around seven miles of 34.5 kilovolt transmission line to 69 kV standards, upgrade wooden power poles from the 1950s to steel monopoles, and rebuild some parts of the line along with re-routing other sections. The rebuilding of this high-voltage line will enhance and help ensure safe and reliable electric services for decades to come, reduce the need for frequent maintenance, help reduce outage duration times, improve the line’s overall performance and promote economic growth in this portion of Berrien County.