Makers Trail Passports Again Available

The Southwest Michigan Tourist Council is now signing people up for the next Makers Trail Passport program. Director Millicent Huminsky tells WSJM News the Makers Trail Passport is a rewards program that encourages people to do what they were probably going to do anyway.

“It’s a rewards program where you get really cool prizes for visiting wineries, breweries, and spirit makers in Berrien County,” Huminsky said. “There are 40-plus locations, and the passport has three levels of play. Level one, you would win a $15 Makers Trail gift certificate, level two you would win a Makers Trail t-shirt, and level three you would win a Makers Trail hoodie.”

There are ten stops for each level, and if you spend a night in a hotel, you get a 24 ounce mug with the Makers Trail logo on it. Huminsky says the Makers Trail Passports have been very popular.

“Even during a COVID year, we had more than 650 people that participated.”

You can get a Makers Trail Flight Crew Passport at any of the participating wineries, breweries, or distilleries in Berrien County, or get one at a participating hotel in Benton Harbor, St. Joseph, or Stevensville. The 2021-2022 passports were just made available, and the current program runs through May 31, 2022. You can find out more about the Makers Trail Passport program right here.