Lincoln Township Opens New Splash Pad

Lincoln Township now has a splash pad, and it’s open to the public. Township Treasurer Terrie Smith tells us after final testing Monday, the splash pad opened Tuesday. It was busy all day, with Smith estimating as many as 100 people were there at one point. The project faced multiple delays.

“It’s been a long wait with COVID,” Smith said. “It set us back almost two years, and then because the parts wouldn’t be able to come in and things, it set us back again. And then the subcontractors, we had problems with that. But you know what? The final picture is the greatness of it all.”

How are the reviews?

“Most of them have had positive comments. They said it was great for the community. They were glad that it was here and they could use it.”

Smith says he splash pad is designed for all ages, with water jets that could be used by a toddler and jets that could be used by adults. The splash pad will be open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. It’s located at Community Center Park on Roosevelt Road, just behind the Lincoln Township Hall.