More development moving forward in downtown South Haven


A major development is closer to becoming reality in South Haven. Assistant City Manager Griffin Graham tells us the project is on Center Street between Quaker and Phoenix Streets, where the Hales department store used to be. Developer Locker & Locker Properties has big plans for the site.

“There’s a proposed five-story mixed use development that would include a mix of new commercial spaces, parking, and 29 housing units,” Graham said.

The housing units would be both apartments and condos. Graham says there will also be around 70 parking spaces, some on the ground level and some on the second story. He says this parcel has sat vacant for about ten years. Hales closed around 2000, leaving a hole in the downtown.

“My understanding is this would be one of, if not the largest, private investments in downtown South Haven in decades.”

The developer would demolish one building on the property while fixing up another. Graham notes the city has been working on this project for about two years, adding it’s fortunate a local developer is making the investment. The South Haven Planning Commission signed off on the project last week, and it could go before the city council as soon as next week. The council will have to consider it twice before final approval. Graham says if all goes well, units could start to be occupied in 2027.