Mark Hoppus commends “classy” Matt Skiba for handling of blink-182 situation

ABC/Paula Lobo; ABC/Paula Lobo

Mark Hoppus and Matt Skiba have reunited on the blink-182 bassist’s After School Radio Apple Music show.

Skiba, who also fronts Alkaline Trio, joined blink in 2015 in place of departed founding member Tom DeLonge. His time with the group ended when DeLonge rejoined at the end of 2022.

Since then, Skiba has been nothing but positive when talking about his former blink bandmates, which Hoppus has much appreciated.

“I want to say you are so classy with how you’ve handled Tom coming back, and you stepping back into Alkaline Trio, and all the love that you’ve shown us, and all the love that we returned to you,” Hoppus tells Skiba on After School Radio. “It’s been a really nice process and I hope that you feel the same way. And that you feel in Alkaline Trio like, ‘Yeah, glad to be back here doing what I love. That was [a] great time with blink.'”

Skiba agrees and feels that “everything is where it should be.”

“I had an incredible time with blink,” Skiba says. “I’m honored to have been a part of the band. I’m proud of the work we did together. … And I feel like the time came where Tom came back, it couldn’t have worked out more perfectly or more amicably.”

“I think when I do interviews, people always want this dirt that doesn’t exist,” he adds. “I’m like, ‘It’s all love, man. We really had a great time. These guys found their way back to each other, and it’s what fans want. It’s what the band needs.'”

Blink-182 released a new album with DeLonge, ONE MORE TIME…, in October. Alkaline Trio put out a record, Blood, Hair, and Eyeballs, in January.

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