Dingell speaks out on Israel


The Israel-Hamas war continues in the Mideast as the election heats up here at home.

Michigan lawmakers continue speaking out, including Congresswoman Debbie Dingell who says she’s not happy with the response of the Israeli government.

I’m not happy with the way that Netanyahu has responded to our president,” Dingell said. “Look, we are still a very important world presence. I think the world’s more of a tinderbox than any of us wants it to be. The United States has a very critical role to play, and we need to remember that somehow we’ve got to stay united, because united we stand, divided we fall.”

The Biden administration has delivered some of its strongest public criticism yet of Israel’s actions in Gaza, saying it doesn’t support an offensive in Rafah.

Dingell says she believes in Israel’s right to exist and supports a Palestinian state.