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Charmed Is Getting A Reboot [VIDEO]


But it’s a little different than you would think. They’re not remaking the original with new characters or actresses. They’re not recreating the original for modern times. Instead, they’re going back in time.


This was a really fun promotion!  Thanks to the help from Housemaster & Little Cesar’s Pizza WIRX got to help someone out with their holiday spirit…BY GIVING THEM A TON OF LIGHTS!  The gang and Housemaster did all the work too!  It turned out AWESOME!. ...Read Full Story

VIRAL VIDEO: Where are my goggles?

I feel bad for today’s kids.  I mean, growing up is tough enough, but now with internet and social media your daily struggles can be put out there for everyone to laugh at!!  Poor Aiden just wanted to find his goggles and go for a swim…he didn’t realize they were on his head the whole time!. ...Read Full Story