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The Valentine's Gift That's SUPPOSED To Be Cheesey

Let's admit it, there's more than one kind of dreamgirl. Maybe yours would rather play video games all Valentine's Day than go to a fancy dinner, that doesn't mean that it can't be romantic. Just because the only thing she wants is chill time and snack food, doesn't mean that you can't get her roses, because now, you can make roses out of Doritos. I mean, I suppose that you COULD do that BEFORE, but now their website explains HOW!. ...Read Full Story

Not QUITE Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon

The old adage says that we are all seperated by six other people, but it turns out that social media is closing that gap. New statistics say that every Facebook user is on average only seperated from every OTHER Facebook user by 3.5 people. I thought that my statistics might be different because I keep my friends list pretty small, but I'm almost exactly average at 3.48 degrees of seperation, you can get your OWN numbers here.. ...Read Full Story

The Cat In The: “What the heck is THAT?!?!”

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game has shared photos of a bizarre mountain lion that one hunter tracked and killed after it attacked his dog. So far they have no definitive explanation for its unique deformity, but I'm glad this came from a reliable source or else I for one, would think it was a photoshopped creepy pasta.. ...Read Full Story