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Grant For LMC to Prevent Sex Assault

A $1 million grant to prevent sexual assault on college campuses has been announced by the Michigan Campus Sexual Assault Grant Program. Included in that allocation is $6,500 for Lake Michigan College. Michigan First Lady Sue Snyder launched the Campus Sexual Assault Grant Program in 2015, and so far it’s given out more than $2.5 million to colleges. this latest $1 million is the highest amount at one time yet. The First Lady says the money will be used by colleges and universities to “develop innovative, evidence-based campaigns and strategies to help make our campuses safer-for students and survivors.” The program is administered by the Michigan State Police and aims to change the overall culture of sexual assault among the college-age population.. ...Read Full Story

Short Term Rental Rules Hammered Out

An amendment to the short-term rental ordinance in South Haven was approved this week by the city council. The vote was four to two to update the rules that govern homes that are rented out to vacationers by their owners. City Manager Brian Dissette tells WSJM News the new amended ordinance establishes two types of short term rentals. The first is personal STRs.. ...Read Full Story

Health Officials Focus On Education Following Marijuana Vote

Now that Michigan voters have decided to decriminalize marijuana for those over 21, the Berrien County Health Department is expecting to step up its educational activities. Spokesperson Gillian Conrad tells WSJM News the health department likely won’t have to inspect marijuana food facilities, but it will have to make sure everyone knows the rules. First of all, it will still be illegal for those under 21, and Conrad says that’s for a good reason.. ...Read Full Story

CISMA: Watch Out For Invasive Vines

The Van Buren Conservation District and the Southwest by Southwest CISMA are telling southwest Michigan residents how to spot invasive vines that could be choking out native plants. The CISMA says there are four invasive vines that have been found in the area. They are lack swallow-wort, Chinese yam, Kudzu, and Oriental Bittersweet. The CISMA’s Eleanor Serocki tells us those vines are obvious throughout the year, meaning even now is a good time to keep an eye out. We have pictures of all of them at WSJM.com. Serocki says native vines are important in our forests for a lot of reasons, from soil stabilization to pollinator habitat, but the invasive ones typically take over and damage trees, shrubs, and fences. Anyone looking for more information should call the Van Buren Conservation District.. ...Read Full Story

Small Business Saturday In St. Joseph

When the madness of Black Friday is over, there’s still Small Business Saturday to consider. St. Joseph Today tells us some downtown shops began offering deals as part of Black Friday with plans to continue the next day. According to the Civic Economic Study in Grand Rapids, MI when someone spends $100 at a local business, approximately $68 stays in the local community. St. Joe Today’s Amy Zapal tells us there’s something for everyone in downtown St. Joseph. In addition to special sales, shoppers in downtown St. Joseph can also take in free horse-drawn trolley rides from noon to 3 p.m. weather permitting. For a list of all the participating Small Business Saturday shops, go to St.JoeToday.com.. ...Read Full Story

Wrong Judge: MI Judge Gets Angry Calls Over CNN Ruling

From the Associated Press — A Michigan judge’s office fielded angry phone calls after callers mistook him for a federal judge who restored CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s access to the White House. Bay County District Court Judge Timothy J. Kelly was out of the office November 16
when U.S. District Court Judge Timothy J. Kelly in the District of Columbia granted Acosta a two-week injunction to return to work. The White House had initially revoked Acosta’s credentials after he and Trump tangled verbally during a November 7 press conference.  MLive.com reports that judge Kelly’s Bay City, Michigan, office received a half-dozen phone calls complaining about the other Timothy J. Kelly’s ruling. Judge Timothy J. Kelly of Bay County says he thinks the callers “would at east do your homework” before calling someone to complain.. ...Read Full Story

BH Water Testing Results

The city of Benton Harbor has released the results of the first batch of lead tests done on homes around the community after eight homes were found to have elevated levels last month. According to results from the first 159 homes that have been posted on the city’s website, 27 additional homes have tested for lead levels at or above the federal action level for lead, which is 15 parts per billion. Another 38 homes tested for more than five parts per billion, which is a stricter state standard. The city has posted information for residents on its website. City Manager Darwin Watson told The Herald Palladium the city is giving bottled water for drinking and cooking to the residents of homes where the lead level has been found to be high. He also said a contractor will be brought in to determine the cause of the lead levels.. ...Read Full Story

Crews Remove SWM Dam

From the Associated Press– Crews have wrapped up removal of a roughly 90-year-old dam in southwestern Michigan as part of an effort to help restore habitat for native fish. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality announced this month that the work was completed to remove the Alcott Street dam in Kalamazoo. The dam, which impounded Bryant Mill Pond on Portage Creek, was built in 1927
but no longer had a function. Instead, it prevented fish migration and held contaminated sediment in place. The project was funded by $2 million from the Kalamazoo River Natural Resource Damage Trustees. The DEQ says it provided about $3.1 million in additional funding for the project to conduct a feasibility study and to excavate and properly dispose of contaminated soils and sediments.. ...Read Full Story