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Legislature Approves Update To Football Concussion Rules

From the Associated Press — Coaches and others involved in youth sports would have to complete concussion awareness training at least once every three years under legislation headed to Governor Rick Snyder for his signature. The bill cleared a final step in the Michigan Senate Tuesday. It would update 2012 concussion laws that required a concussion protocol for youth athletes and an awareness program for coaches, volunteers and others. The legislation would add a requirement that concussion training be completed once every three years, unless the state Department of Health and Human Services recommends more frequent training. The state would have to periodically review the training program. The bill would also clarify that universities and colleges do not need to secure parental waivers for students participating in intramural sports.. ...Read Full Story

Holland Murder Suspect Caught

A Holland man suspected of killing his girlfriend yesterday is in custody this morning and is expected to be charged with open murder later today. The report of the killer at large triggered a shelter in place alert at Hope College, and warnings that 56-year-old Keith Williams was armed and dangerous and driving around in a silver SUV. Around 7 p.m., he was spotted by Michigan State Police and followed until they could get other officers in the area to join them in a felony stop. Police Chief Matt Messer says he was captured after he pulled over into the parking lot of an Arby’s in Holland. Williams is suspected of stabbing his 37-year-old girlfriend to death on 14th Street near Washington Boulevard at about 1:30 p.m. Monday. Witnesses say they saw him leaving the murder scene, bloodied and with a knife. He has a long criminal history and is a registered sex offender.. ...Read Full Story

Another Official To Face Manslaughter Charge In Flint Water Crisis

A special prosecutor says he’ll add a charge of involuntary manslaughter against Michigan’s chief medical executive in a criminal investigation of the Flint water crisis. Dr. Eden Wells was in court Monday for a key hearing on other charges. But the hearing was postponed after the announcement by special prosecutor Todd Flood. Five other people have been charged with involuntary manslaughter tied to an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in the Flint area in 2014-15. The attorney general’s office says key officials in the Snyder administration knew about a spike in Legionnaires’ but failed to tell the public until January 2016. Some experts have blamed the outbreak on Flint’s use of the Flint River. Legionnaires’ is a type of pneumonia caused by bacteria that thrive in warm water.. ...Read Full Story

Alleged South Haven Trailer Park Shooter Arraigned

A Covert man says the shooting of his girlfriend last Friday was an accident. Jeffrey Howell was arraigned yesterday on a charge of assault with intent to murder. He told the judge during that proceeding he would never hurt his girlfriend, Guadalupe Hernandez. She considers their relationship over and admitted to grabbing the gun as it discharged into her midsection. The 50-year-old Howell has a criminal record and legally should not have been in possession of the weapon. Due to that, bond has been set at $1 million.. ...Read Full Story

Vietnam POW To Speak In Berrien County Next Month

A distinguished Vietnam veteran will be coming to Berrien County next month to share his experience. The Buchanan American Legion’s Larry Money tells WSJM News Captain William Robinson will speak at Michigan Lutheran High School and American Legion in Buchanan. Robinson is the longest-held enlisted American Prisoner of War in history.. ...Read Full Story

Swift And Sure Grants Announced By Michigan Supreme Court

The Swift and Sure probation program in Berrien County is receiving a grant of $240,000 from the Michigan Supreme Court. The grant was announced Monday, and it’s part of a total of $3 million going to Swift and Sure programs in 24 counties. Swift and sure is an intensive probation program designed to help repeat offenders get back on track and turn their lives around. The Michigan Supreme Court tells WSJM News 67% of Swift and Sure enrolees are unemployed when they first sign up, but 14% are unemployed by the time they complete the program. Berrien County is one of 27 Michigan counties with a Swift and Sure program. It’s one of four specialty courts in the county. The others are the Drug Treatment Court, the Drug Court, and the Domestic Violence Court.. ...Read Full Story

St .Joseph Commissioners Speak Out On Short-Term Rental Legislation

St. Joseph City Commissioners are hoping residents make their voices heard to state lawmakers when it comes to new zoning legislation. A plan in the state House and Senate would strip a community’s ability to restrict short-term rentals. St. Joe Commissioners Monday night warned such a plan, if passed, would mean out of control summer vacation homes in town, something they’ve worked to avoid for years. City Commissioner Jeff Richards said neighborhoods sit empty for half the year when that happens, and schools suffer.. ...Read Full Story

Michigan Attorney General Issues Equifax Hack Update

The Michigan Attorney General’s office has issued some recommendations to Michigan residents who are concerned their personal information may have been compromised in the recent Equifax hack. Attorney General Bill Schuette says Equifax has announced 2.5 million more consumers were impacted by the breach than originally thought, including almost 80,000 additional Michigan residents. In Michigan, the breach has now impacted the personal information of more than 4.6 million consumers. The website set up by Equifax for people to check whether they’ve been compromised was to be updated with the new information by the start of this week. Schuette’s office says the best way to protect yourself if you have been hacked is to order a credit freeze and sign up for credit monitoring. You can find more information right here.. ...Read Full Story

Police Find No Weapon At Coloma High School, Junior School

The Coloma Township Police Department continues to investigate after reports Monday morning of a student with a gun. Shortly before 10 a.m. officers were called out to the junior high on the report. The junior high school and the high school were both placed on lockdown. Police found the student in question and isolated him while the school and its surrounding grounds were searched. Coloma Township police were assisted by the Berrien County Sheriff’s Department, which brought in a K9 unit. The search turned up no weapon. The lockdown at the high school was over by about noon, while the junior high’s lockdown ended by the end of classes for the day. Police say the case remains under investigation and will be turned over the Berrien County Prosecutor’s office.. ...Read Full Story

Coloma High School Taken Off Lockdown

WSJM News has confirmed that Coloma High School no longer on lockdown. However, the junior high remains on lockdown. The two buildings were placed on lockdown this morning when there was a report of a weapon on the property. There are no reports of anyone in custody, and police are searching the property.. ...Read Full Story

Local Control Of Short-Term Rentals Hot Topic In Legislature

Local crackdowns on short-term housing rentals, like we’ve seen in St. Joseph and South Haven, have ignited a fight in Michigan’s Capitol. Homeowners and lobbyists are now lining up for and against legislation that would allow the rentals in all residential zones and prohibit treating them differently through zoning. The bills are being pushed by the Michigan Realtors group, which accuses municipalities of trampling on property rights with overly restrictive and unfair rules. On the other side are lodging, tourism and local officials who worry about the unrestrained growth of short-term vacation rentals through online platforms such as Airbnb. Supporters and opponents are mobilizing ahead of potential legislative hearings this fall. The Realtors has run one-minute radio ads across the state. Tourism and local leaders held a news conference in recent days to express their “deep concerns” with the legislation.. ...Read Full Story

Swine Flu Found In Allegan County

From the Associated Press — Health officials say a child who visited a county fair in western Michigan last month is the first confirmed case of swine flu in the state this year. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and the Allegan County Health Department reported the child visited the Allegan County Fair that ran Sept. 8-16, 2017. They say that because the incubation period for the illness is
one to seven days, no new cases from exposure at the fair are expected. The flu is known as a variant of H3N2 and there’s currently no vaccine for it. Symptoms of swine flu in people can be similar to other flu viruses: fever, cough, runny nose, aches and nausea.. ...Read Full Story

Krasl Crowdfunding New Improvements

A new crowdfunding effort has been launched by the Krasl Art Center in St. Joseph. The goal is to raise $50,000 by December 1 so Krasl can receive a matching grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. On top of that, Krasl will get another match from the Frederick S. Upton Foundation and 1st Source Bank Foundation. The purpose of the crowdfunding effort is to pay for a new improvement project at Krasl that would include the installation of a winding sidewalk, a plaza, and gathering areas. A backer of the effort is state Representative Kim LaSata, who tells us the project will ensure “St. Joseph will remain a special place on the lake.” You can find the Krasl’s crowdfunding page right here.. ...Read Full Story

Duck Hunters Asked To Help Spot Invasive Plant

The Van Buren Conservation District is reaching out to duck hunters as the season approaches, hoping to stop the spread of an invasive plant species. The district’s Eleanor Serocki tells WSJM News there’s a European reed called phragmites that poses a threat to duck habitats because it’s too dense for ducks to movethrough. She hopes hunters will avoid the reed.. ...Read Full Story

New Legislation Bans Local Rules For Job Interviews

From the Associated Press — The Michigan Senate has voted to prohibit local communities from regulating what information employers must request, require or exclude during a job interview. The state already prohibits local ordinances involving information related to
an employment application. But proponents of the bill approved 27-9 Thursday are worried that Michigan municipalities could follow the lead of Philadelphia and bar employers from asking for a prospective employee’s wage history in an interview. No local governments in Michigan are considering ordinances similar to Philadelphia’s. Opponents say the legislation would prevent local “fair chance” policies that
regulate when and to what extent employers can consider someone’s criminal record in making a hiring decision. Republicans voted for the bill in the GOP-led Senate. Democrats opposed it.The measure next goes to the Republican-led House for consideration.. ...Read Full Story

Financial Expert Talks Equifax Hack

The recent data hack at credit firm Equifax could have broad implications for the economy. Jordan Goodman, a financial expert with MoneyAnswers.com tells WSJM News due to the breadth of the personal info credit reporting agencies have, you could be affected in severe ways if they’re breached. Scammers can open bank accounts and credit cards in your name.. ...Read Full Story

Michigan State Police Director Staying In Post

From the Associated Press — The director of the Michigan State Police plans to stay in her job through 2018, likely collecting more than $150,000 in salary as well as a pension. A spokeswoman for Governor Rick Snyder says he’ll reappoint Col. Kriste Kibbey Etue to serve through the end of his term. The Detroit Free Press says Etue must retire next year, so she’ll get a salary and at least a portion of her pension while she’s still on the job. The newspaper says Etue’s annual pension is more than $80,000. In addition, Etue is eligible for other payments because she didn’t retire when she was first eligible in 2012. Etue recently has rejected calls to quit after she shared a Facebook post that called kneeling NFL players “anti-American degenerates.” She apologized.. ...Read Full Story

Treasurer Applauds Legislation Cracking Down On Tax Loophole

Berrien County Treasurer Bret Witkowski is pleased to learn legislation from state Representatives Dave Pagel and Kim LaSata cracking down on second homeowners who exploit a tax loophole has passed. The plan closes a loophole that allows for an out-of-state resident with a second home in Michigan to claim that second home is a homestead, lowering their property taxes. It also enables the owners of rental properties to claim those parcels as their homestead. Witkowski tells WSJM News his office is always tracking those people down and having to fight them at the tax tribunal level.. ...Read Full Story

One Killed In Van Buren County Motorcycle Crash

Michigan State Police are investigating a fatal motorcycle crash that occurred on Saturday. Troopers say they were called to the scene on Red Arrow Highway near Territorial Road in Paw Paw Township around 2:40 p.m. 76-year-old Richard Setty of Kalamazoo had been westbound when he lost control of his motorcycle and was ejected. He was later pronounced dead at Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo.. ...Read Full Story

Proos: Auto Insurance Reform Needed Now

State Senator John Proos is hoping the latest effort to reform Michigan’s auto insurance system will be successful. He tells WSJM News testimony has been taken this week over in the House for a plan to remove a requirement that all auto policies in Michigan have unlimited coverage for catastrophic injuries.. ...Read Full Story

South Haven Boil Water Action Lifted

On Thursday, residents in South Haven were notified of the need to boil all tap water used for drinking and cooking. The City of South Haven, in conjunction with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, has determined it is no longer necessary to use bottled water or boil water before drinking or cooking.  Appropriate corrective measures have been taken and follow-up sampling has confirmed no coli form bacteria is present in the water supply.. ...Read Full Story