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New Legislation Bans Local Rules For Job Interviews

From the Associated Press — The Michigan Senate has voted to prohibit local communities from regulating what information employers must request, require or exclude during a job interview. The state already prohibits local ordinances involving information related to
an employment application. But proponents of the bill approved 27-9 Thursday are worried that Michigan municipalities could follow the lead of Philadelphia and bar employers from asking for a prospective employee’s wage history in an interview. No local governments in Michigan are considering ordinances similar to Philadelphia’s. Opponents say the legislation would prevent local “fair chance” policies that
regulate when and to what extent employers can consider someone’s criminal record in making a hiring decision. Republicans voted for the bill in the GOP-led Senate. Democrats opposed it.The measure next goes to the Republican-led House for consideration.. ...Read Full Story

Financial Expert Talks Equifax Hack

The recent data hack at credit firm Equifax could have broad implications for the economy. Jordan Goodman, a financial expert with MoneyAnswers.com tells WSJM News due to the breadth of the personal info credit reporting agencies have, you could be affected in severe ways if they’re breached. Scammers can open bank accounts and credit cards in your name.. ...Read Full Story

Michigan State Police Director Staying In Post

From the Associated Press — The director of the Michigan State Police plans to stay in her job through 2018, likely collecting more than $150,000 in salary as well as a pension. A spokeswoman for Governor Rick Snyder says he’ll reappoint Col. Kriste Kibbey Etue to serve through the end of his term. The Detroit Free Press says Etue must retire next year, so she’ll get a salary and at least a portion of her pension while she’s still on the job. The newspaper says Etue’s annual pension is more than $80,000. In addition, Etue is eligible for other payments because she didn’t retire when she was first eligible in 2012. Etue recently has rejected calls to quit after she shared a Facebook post that called kneeling NFL players “anti-American degenerates.” She apologized.. ...Read Full Story

Treasurer Applauds Legislation Cracking Down On Tax Loophole

Berrien County Treasurer Bret Witkowski is pleased to learn legislation from state Representatives Dave Pagel and Kim LaSata cracking down on second homeowners who exploit a tax loophole has passed. The plan closes a loophole that allows for an out-of-state resident with a second home in Michigan to claim that second home is a homestead, lowering their property taxes. It also enables the owners of rental properties to claim those parcels as their homestead. Witkowski tells WSJM News his office is always tracking those people down and having to fight them at the tax tribunal level.. ...Read Full Story

One Killed In Van Buren County Motorcycle Crash

Michigan State Police are investigating a fatal motorcycle crash that occurred on Saturday. Troopers say they were called to the scene on Red Arrow Highway near Territorial Road in Paw Paw Township around 2:40 p.m. 76-year-old Richard Setty of Kalamazoo had been westbound when he lost control of his motorcycle and was ejected. He was later pronounced dead at Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo.. ...Read Full Story

Proos: Auto Insurance Reform Needed Now

State Senator John Proos is hoping the latest effort to reform Michigan’s auto insurance system will be successful. He tells WSJM News testimony has been taken this week over in the House for a plan to remove a requirement that all auto policies in Michigan have unlimited coverage for catastrophic injuries.. ...Read Full Story