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USDA Talks Christmas Food Safety

With Christmas and New Year’s here, food safety experts are reminding everyone how to avoid illness when they’re partying. USDA Food Safety Specialist Archie Magoulas tells WSJM News making sure foods stay at their intended temperature is the most important thing.. ...Read Full Story

Utility Talks Christmas Light Costs

If your house is decorated with festive lights for this holiday season, remember you could probably be saving some money on your energy bills by upgrading. Consumers Energy spokesperson Brian Wheeler tells WSJM News those old C bulbs you could still be stringing up around the house cost about $15 a month to run. Go with LEDs instead. ...Read Full Story

Heritage Museum Closed Due To Flooding

The Heritage Museum and Cultural Center in St. Joseph is shut down due to flood damage. The museum tells us major flooding was discovered in the building on December 11. It was caused by an HVAC boiler located above the upper galleries. While the Heritage Museum suffered serious damage to interior walls, floors, and offices, there was no damage to its archival storage spaces. The museum tells us a few artifacts on exhibit were damaged, but they’ll be restored. In addition to the archives and exhibits, the building’s Parlor, kitchen, bathrooms, and most of the Shepard Hall event space were unaffected. For now, the museum tells us all upcoming events and programming have been cancelled or moved to another location. The building will remain closed until further notice. The Heritage Museum
is planning some fundraisers for the near future to help speed up the restoration.. ...Read Full Story

Proos Talks Holiday Scams

The holidays may be a time of fun for most of us, but state Senator John Proos reminds everyone of things they need to do to avoid being ripped off. He tells WSJM News online shopping may be convenient, but that’s one way many Michiganders get scammed.. ...Read Full Story

$250,000 Donation Made To SMC

Southwestern Michigan College has received a $250,000 donation to its nursing facility expansion. SMC President David Mathews tells WSJM News Kelly and Karen Rose of Elkhart are both former students. Karen studied nursing at SMC, and Kelly is a player in the RV industry. The husband wanted to give his wife the gift of a new nursing simulation lab at SMC for her birthday. Mathews tells us it’s one component of the soon-to-be-doubled SMC nursing building.. ...Read Full Story

BH Moving Forward On Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Benton Harbor City Commissioners have voted to move forward with work that could lead to medical marijuana dispensaries in the city. This past week, they approved the adoption of an ordinance allowing for such facilities. The move was a victory for Commissioner Mary Alice Adams, who has pushed to allow dispensaries in the city for several months.. ...Read Full Story

Fire Marshal Urges Caution With Christmas Trees

Michigan State Fire Marshal Kevin Sehlmeyer is reminding everyone to be careful about their Christmas trees. He tells WSJM News a tree can go up in flames within a matter of seconds, and then there goes your house. Sehlmeyer tells us you should shake your tree to make sure it’s not shedding needles quickly. If it is, that means it’s pretty dry. Keep it watered.. ...Read Full Story

Health Department: Quit Smoking In The New Year

If you’re a smoker who would like to quit, the Berrien County Health Department has some good news for you. It’s signing people up for the next round of Freedom from Smoking classes. Spokesperson Gillian Conrad tells WSJM News these classes, offered by the department for several years, have proved to be helpful.. ...Read Full Story