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State Police Extra Patrols This Weekend

Set for this weekend is another Michigan State Police Operation CARE. That’s Crash Awareness and Reduction Efforts. Michigan State Police Special Lieutenant Jim Flegel tells WSJM News extra patrols will be out on the state’s highways in all 83 counties watching out for bad behavior.. ...Read Full Story

New Law Allows Corrections Department To Hire Felons

The Michigan Department of Corrections will now be allowed to hire felons thanks to legislation approved by Michigan lawmakers and signed by the governor. The plan from state Representative Dave Pagel of Berrien Springs applies to non-violent offenders. Pagel tells WSJM News it seems right to him that the DOC could put its money where its mouth is.. ...Read Full Story

Verizon Talks New Tech With MI Police

Police, fire, and other Michigan first responders getting a behind-closed-doors demonstration by Verizon of new cellphone and drone technology that can help them with responding to emergencies. Verizon spokesman Kevin King told Michigan News Network this week the future looks bright.. ...Read Full Story

Upton Marks One Year Since 21st Century Cures Approval

Congressman Fred Upton is marking one year since his landmark 21st Century Cures legislation became law. The plan increased funding for the National Institutes of Health and sped up the approval process for new drugs and medical devices. In a promo video released this week, Upton said 21st Century Cures is all about trying to help the kinds of people he meets every day.. ...Read Full Story

Conservation District Recommends Buying Local Christmas Trees

This is the time of year when people bring more greenery into their homes, but the Van Buren Conservation District is warning that those wreaths and trees can bring with them a whole host of unwanted guests. The district tells us forest pests that can hurt native tree species can enter the state on Christmas trees. In order to stop the spread of these insects, the Van Buren Conservation District encourages everyone to buy this year’s tree from local tree farms or dealers. Insects like the balsam woolly adelgid or fungi like spruce decline can get into the state on imported plants. That’s why buying local can help. Anyone with questions should call the Van Buren Conservation District.. ...Read Full Story