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Kinexus, Others Call For “Good Jobs For Michigan”

Kinexus has come out in favor of a plan to encourage businesses to bring large numbers of well-paying jobs to Michigan. The Good Jobs for Michigan plan is legislation that would give tax incentives to companies that create at least 250 jobs that pay 100% or more of the regional average for a trade. Kinexus CEO Todd Gustafson tells WSJM News there would be very real benefits to pushing for such jobs.. ...Read Full Story

Berrien Rep Talks Handgun Bill

State Representative Kim LaSata tells us it wasn’t an easy decision, but she had several reasons for voting in favor of legislation easing restrictions on carrying concealed handguns this past week. The bill approved by the state House eliminates a requirement to have a license to carry a concealed pistol. It also removes a requirement to get eight hours of training before concealed carrying. LaSata, of Bainbridge Township, tells WSJM News she thinks most gun owners are responsible and don’t need such restrictions.. ...Read Full Story

Fatal Shooting In Benton Harbor

The Benton Harbor Department of Public Safety is investigating a Saturday fatal shooting. It tells WSJM News officers were called out to River Terrace Apartments shortly after 3 p.m. and found the 21-year-old Benton Harbor man with severe wounds. He was taken to Lakeland Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The victim’s identity has not been released. Police say they’re following several leads as part of their investigation. Anyone with information on the case is asked to contact Benton Harbor Public Safety.. ...Read Full Story

RESA Board Members Reelected

Berrien RESA has held its biennial election. School boards across Berrien County get to vote on the RESA board’s makeup every couple of years, and on June 5, they picked Linda Holt and J. Allene Smith to serve once again. Both of their terms are six years, ending in June of 2023. Holt, of Stevensville, has served on the RESA Board of Education since 1993, and is currently the treasurer. Smith, of Benton Harbor, has served since 2007.. ...Read Full Story

State Reminds Swimmers About Rip Current Dangers

The Michigan Department of Health and Humane Services is hoping the state’s residents have a safe summer on the Great Lakes. It tells us more than ten people die each year because of dangerous currents in the lakes. Those currents develop when winds blow toward the shore, and waves are three feet or higher. The health department also notes the eastern shore of Lake Michigan has the most current-related incidents of any part of the Great Lakes. 71% of such emergencies happen in Lake Michigan. Everyone’s advised to not swim alone, watch out for others, pay attention to water that’s discolored and choppy, foamy, or filled with debris, and to not swim near a structure like a pier. If you find yourself in a rip current, flip on your back, float to conserve energy, and follow the safest path out of the water. It could be along the line of the current until it’s less strong. You can find out more at the CDC’s website.. ...Read Full Story