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Berrien County Commissioners Take Part In Washington Discussions

Several Berrien County Commissioners were in Washington, D.C. this week for a gathering of county officials called by the Trump administration. The White House tells us commissioners from all over Michigan were on hand as discussions were held on local policies with administration staff. The commissioners also saw presentations by various federal agencies with the intent of building stronger relationships with local governments. Of all southwest Michigan counties, Berrien had the largest contingent on hand for the event. Present this week were David Vollrath, Debra Panozzo, Donnie Meeks, Ezra Scott, James Curran, Mamie Yarbrough, and Teri Freehling. As part of Wednesday’s events, the commissioners heard from U.S. Education Secretary Betsy Devos.. ...Read Full Story

Sixth District Democratic Candidate Motivated By Bernie Sanders

A political newcomer says he wants to replace Congressman Fred Upton because he doesn’t believe Upton represents the people. David Benac is history professor at Western Michigan University who is running in the Democratic primary for the Sixth District. He tells WSJM News he started getting involved in politics when he was inspired by the Bernie Sanders run for president. He wants to work for many of the same priorities.. ...Read Full Story

St. Joseph Primary Election Held Tuesday

The three St. Joseph City Commission incumbents to appear on Tuesday’s primary ballot have emerged the top three vote getters. According to the numbers available late in the evening, with all precincts and absentees reporting, the top three were Michael Garey, Mary Goff, and Fran Chickering. They’re currently on the commission, and voters were asked to pick three candidates out of seven for the body. However, according to the Berrien County Clerk’s office, the top six will appear on the November ballot. That means challengers Laura Goos, Peggy Getty, and Al DiBrito will also be on the general ballot. Primary challenger Kim Gane came in seventh Tuesday. Elsewhere in Berrien County Tuesday, voters in Oronoko Township approved a millage renewal for the Berrien Springs Community Library, and voters in Three Oaks Township approved millage renewals for the library and for roads.. ...Read Full Story

St. Joe Public Safety: Watch Out For Sick Fox

The St. Joseph Department of Public Safety has said a fox is roaming the area with mange mite disease. It was last seen on Monday by Lakeshore Drive. Berrien County Animal Control has been informed of the fox, trying to live trap it, but has had no luck yet. Animal Control has said that the fox should die by fall as the skin disease progresses, but that the fox might try to find shelter or food closer to homes. If you see it, you are encouraged to call Animal Control, as aggravating it may cause aggression.. ...Read Full Story

Upton: Asian Carp Money Could Be In Infrastructure Bill

Now that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has released its long-awaited Brandon Road Lock and Dam study on the Asian carp, Congressman Fred Upton says it’s time for Congress to take action. The report released on Monday outlines ways the invasive Asian carp could be kept out of the Great Lakes. Upton tells WSJM News the corps should now tell Congress if its ideas will really work. He thinks action could come soon after that.. ...Read Full Story