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MI Senate Approves Plan To Pay More For Rape Victim Treatment

From the Associated Press — Bipartisan legislation that would increase payments to medical providers for treating sexual assault victims is advancing in Michigan’s legislature. The Senate unanimously sent the bills to the House Thursday. One measure would require the Crime Victim Services Commission to pay up to $1,200 to health providers for performing a sexual assault forensic examination and related services. The maximum now is $600. Another bill would expand which entities are eligible to receive compensation. The state spent $842,000 for 1,855 sexual assault exams in the last fiscal year. The legislation could triple spending to $2.4 million. A sponsor, Republican state Senator Tonya Schuitmaker, of Lawton, says reimbursement rates currently do not cover providers’ costs and the measures “will allow more access and better care for the victims.”. ...Read Full Story

Police Identify Woman Killed In Crash With Train

The Van Buren County Sheriff’s Department has identified a Grand Junction woman killed in a Wednesday crash involving a train. It says 47-year-old Tiffany Glidden died in the crash with a CSX train. Glidden was driving an SUV through a railroad crossing on 16th Avenue south of Grand Junction when the train struck her vehicle. It dragged the SUV about 50 feet. Glidden’s son, 14-year-old Sammy Glidden, was in the back seat and suffered serious injuries. He’s now in stable condition at a Kalamazoo hospital. The crossing where the crash happened does not have a gate or flashing lights.. ...Read Full Story

GVSU Settles Free Speech Lawsuit

From the Associated Press — Grand Valley State University has agreed to settle a federal lawsuit that said the university unfairly restricted free speech on campus. Student group “Turning Point USA at Grand Valley State University” was critical of the school’s Free Speech Zone Policy in its December lawsuit for limiting expressive activity to “speech zones” and requiring students to gain prior university permission. The Grand Rapids Press reports the university is adopting a revised policy and agreed to pay about $11,000 in legal fees and costs. The new “Grounds and Facility Use Policy” permits students to gather, express themselves and distribute literature throughout campus as long as they don’t block access to campus buildings or traffic and follow other rules. The school says the policy was written to clarify existing policies.. ...Read Full Story

South Haven Students Charged With Sexual Assault (UPDATED)

Charges are in place against five South Haven High School students for allegedly having sex with an underage classmate. All are charged as adults, and have been identified as 18-year-old brothers DaMari and DeShaan Palmer, 18-year-old Darion Gist, and 17-year-olds Caskadara Smith and Cameron Watkins. South Haven Detective Kevin Wiley says some of the teens were surprised by the charges.. ...Read Full Story

Expert Offers Tips On Dealing With Coyotes

From the Associated Press — Having problems with coyotes? The resourceful species is turning up increasingly in urban neighborhoods as well as its traditional countryside habitat. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has advice for people who aren’t used to dealing with the wily predators. Wildlife technician Hanna Schauer says it’s important to remove access to food sources such as trash bins, bird feeders and pet foods. Fencing off gardens and fruit trees can help. Yelling, clapping and chasing the animals can help them retain their natural fear of humans.
If those steps don’t work, you can hire a specially permitted nuisance control company. Where hunting or trapping are allowed, coyotes may be taken all year on private property by the owner or designee when they’re doing damage or appear to about to start.. ...Read Full Story

UPDATE — Grand Junction Woman Killed In Crash With Train

A crash between an SUV and a train in Van Buren County has resulted in a 47-year-old Grand Junction woman dead. It happened about 4 p.m. Wednesday in Columbia Township, south of Grand Junction at the 16th Avenue CSX Railroad crossing. The sheriff’s department tells us the woman did not follow the yield sign at the crossing and her vehicle was hit by the train as she drove across. Her passenger, a 14-year-old boy also from Grand Junction, was taken to South Haven Bronson Hospital. He’s now listed in critical condition after being transferred to Kalamazoo. There are no gates at that rural railroad crossing.. ...Read Full Story