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Proos Cries Foul Over Per Prisoner Spending Increase

State Senator John Proos tells us the governor’s latest budget proposal doesn’t take into account prison savings the department of corrections has been able to achieve. He says Governor Rick Snyder’s plan includes an increase of about $1,400 in per prisoner spending. That’s when schools are only getting an increase of $100 per student. Proos tells WSJM News that’s out of balance.. ...Read Full Story

BH Mayor Wishes Cornerstone Chamber Well

The announcement this week that Cornerstone Chamber of Commerce is moving from Benton Harbor to St. Joseph doesn’t faze Benton Harbor Mayor Marcus Muhammad. He tells WSJM News he wishes the chamber luck. Cornerstone Alliance is remaining behind and moving to a bigger facility downtown, while the chamber is heading off to Ship Street in downtown St. Joe. Mayor Muhammad says he’s not disappointed to hear the chamber is moving, adding he recognizes each entity’s need to follow its best interests. He also says the city is willing to work with any and all organizations that pursue economic development. Muhammad says the doors are always open to those who want to move the city forward.. ...Read Full Story

West MI Police Officer Killed In Crash

From the Associated Press — Authorities say a police officer has died after a crash involving his cruiser while on duty in western Michigan.
Norton Shores police say an area resident reported the single-vehicle crash around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday. Police say the officer was taken to a hospital and died. The officer’s name wasn’t immediately released, but police described him as a 10-year veteran of the force with a wife and two children. Michigan State Police are investigating what led to the crash, which destroyed the cruiser.. ...Read Full Story

Upton Would Support Appointing A Special Prosecutor “At The Right Time”

Congressman Fred Upton says he would support the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate President Donald Trump’s ties to Russia “at the appropriate time.” That’s after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey Tuesday. Comey had been conducting the investigation into possible Russian meddling in the presidential election. Congressman Upton issued a statement Wednesday morning telling us he’s “always advocated for an independent and non-political FBI” that seeks just the facts. Upton goes on to say he is not “privy to the justification nor the details behind the firing but the replacement must restore the public confidence immediately.” He says Comey’s replacement cannot be a partisan selection.. ...Read Full Story

Students To Hold Disaster drill Wednesday In Lawrence

It’ll be a busy day Wednesday at the Van Buren Technology Center as students from all over the region simulate a disaster. Law enforcement instructor Matt Whitman tells us they’ve been doing this for 17 years now. The kids play the roles of police, firefighters, and EMTs, while the cosmetology students make up the victims. Whitman tells WSJM News the disaster could be anything, but it’s often based on real life situations.. ...Read Full Story

Cornerstone Chamber Of Commerce Announces New Home

The Cornerstone Chamber of Commerce has announced a new home, and it’s not the same place as Cornerstone Alliance’s new home. Cornerstone Chamber issued an announcement to membership Tuesday, saying the chamber is headed across the river to downtown St. Joseph. It will be located in what’s known as the Horizon Bank Building at 811 Ship Street on the third floor. Meanwhile, Cornerstone Alliance President Rob Cleveland tells WSJM News the new locations don’t change a great partnership.. ...Read Full Story

One Arrested In Coloma Meth Bust

Coloma Township police have been able to make a meth bust while simultaneously recovering some missing property. They tell us officers on Monday searched a home in the 5,300 block of Little Paw Paw Lake Road after getting a tip about drug activity there. When police approached a 38-year-old man at the property, he took off running into the woods nearby. He was caught a little while later with the help of a K9. When police searched the home, they found meth, meth lab components, and a marijuana grow operation. They also found a couple of stolen kayaks. The suspect was taken to the Berrien County Jail on several charges. His name has not been released.. ...Read Full Story