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Plenty At Stake In Michigan On Election Day

The race for president, 14 U.S. House seats, two Michigan Supreme Court justice posts and control of the 110-member Michigan House are at stake in the election. The spotlight Tuesday is on the presidential race between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump. Both candidates and their surrogates have campaigned for the state’s 16 electoral votes.. ...Read Full Story

Clinton Rallies Supporters In Ottawa County

The Democratic presidential nominee wandered into staunchly Republican territory in West Michigan on the day before the election. Over 4,500 people packed Grand Valley State University’s Fieldhouse to hear from Hillary Clinton yesterday afternoon. She told the crowd that a vote for her is a vote for your own wallet.. ...Read Full Story

Trump Holds Final Campaign Rally In Grand Rapids

America is about to elect its 45th president today. Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump plan to cast their votes later this morning. Clinton will head to a polling place near her home in Chappaqua, New York, while Donald Trump will vote in Manhattan. At a finally rally this morning in Grand Rapids, Trump told the crowd, “If we don’t win, this will be the single greatest waste of time, energy and money in my life.” He joked about the timing of the speech, which started after midnight today.. ...Read Full Story

Kalamazoo Woman Sentenced In Death Of 4-Year-Old Daughter

A southwestern Michigan woman convicted of murder in the death of her daughter on the girl’s fourth birthday has been sentenced to life in prison. The Kalamazoo Gazette reports Daveeta Walker was sentenced on Monday after a jury in September convicted her of murder and other crimes. Kalamazoo County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Carrie Klein says Walker “more than earned” the sentence. On the witness stand, Walker denied abusing her children. She says she told Kalamazoo police a different story about “whooping” Kharisma Richardson because she felt threatened. Kharisma was found dead in March. Walker says the child was in someone else’s care the previous night. There were scars, bruises and burns on Kharisma. Her death was due to complications from multiple injuries.. ...Read Full Story

Mosaic CCDA Makes Case For Benton Harbor Property

Mosaic CCDA may have found a new home for Cafe Mosaic, but it still needs a place to put its other ventures, and Director Rick Pawloski says 200 Paw Paw Avenue in Benton Harbor would be perfect. He made the case Monday to city commissioners, talking up the benefits of the Jobs for Life training program, with backup from some graduates. Pawloski told WSJM News Mosaic is making a difference, and it wants to expand.. ...Read Full Story