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Benton Twp Denies Proposed Gas Station

The Benton Township Board of Trustees has put the brakes on a gas station, car wash, and convenience store planned for the corner of M-63 and Enterprise Way. Pri Mar Petroleum was looking to get the parcel rezoned, and the township board this week was unanimous in denying that request. It did so following recommendations from the Benton Township Planning Commission and the Berrien County Planning Commission. Residents in the Rocky Gap area also expressed objections, complaining about noise and traffic. It’s the second time in less than ten years a gas station for that spot has been rejected.. ...Read Full Story

Hate Crimes On The Rise In Michigan

A new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center confirms student anxiety and incidents of harassment are increasing in Michigan and across the nation following the 2016 presidential election. Maureen Costello, report author, tells our newsroom children who are anxious have a harder time learning, but parents can help.. ...Read Full Story

Michigan Recount Stopped

The presidential election recount in Michigan has been stopped. A federal judge Wednesday evening dropped an order that the recount proceed. That’s after an appeals court found Green Party candidate Jill Stein doesn’t qualify as an aggrieved candidate because a recount still wouldn’t make her the winner. Stein had requested the recount. Following Wednesday’s decision, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette issued the following statement:. ...Read Full Story

Proos Promotes Plan To Spur Investment In Border Counties

State Senator John Proos is hailing a new plan to spur business investment in border areas of the state. The state already offers a variety of tax breaks and other help to businesses that create jobs, and Proos says the new legislation would remove a requirement that the person hired for a new job live in Michigan. He tells us that in places like Southwest Michigan, changing the rule that would help a lot of companies.. ...Read Full Story

MI House Approves Compensation For Innocent Inmates

Michigan lawmakers have approved legislation to compensate innocent inmates. Under a bill passed 104-2 by the House Wednesday, the state would pay ex-inmates $50,000 for each year of their wrongful incarceration, along with attorney fees. Some wouldn’t qualify for the money if they served simultaneous sentences for other crimes. Others would be ineligible because they successfully sued for civil rights damages, which can be a difficult effort since police and prosecutors often have immunity. Michigan has released more innocent prisoners than all but four states. The Senate plans to soon send the bill to Governor Rick Snyder. The sponsor, Democratic Senator Steve Bieda of Warren, says the compensation is the least the state can do for people who were “just plucked out of their regular lives and lost their freedom.”. ...Read Full Story