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Paul Stanley’s Top Ten KISS Songs

It’s the 65th birthday of Rock Superstar Paul Stanley and has compiled the top 10 best song contributions form the living legend. “Think about it, this whole ridiculous circus doesn’t fly without a ringleader who truly believes in the power of rock and roll enough to don warpaint, platform boots, feathers and leather night after night while staring down decades of critical sniping and changing musical trends.” reports ...Read Full Story

Gene Simmons Rockin’ Out with his Comic Out

Gene Simmons of KISS fame has been booked to for 5 comic con performances. He’ll be leaving his KISS crew members behind for this series of appearances that will span the Spring, Summer and Fall convention seasons. Simmons  himself has appeared in many KISS themed comic books from publishers such as Marvel and Image Comics, throughout the decades.. ...Read Full Story

James Hetfield Narrates Porn Themed Documentary

Not so far outside the scope of Heavy Metal music, James Hetfield, of Metalica glory, will be narrating a new documentary titled Addicted to Porn: Chasing the Cardboard Butterfly. The Documentary will explore the dangers porn addiction and delves into the impact that pornography has on societies around the globe and how modern technology has made it easier access for youths.. ...Read Full Story

Bob Seger’s tribute song to Glenn Frey reports that ‘Glenn Song’ is being given away for free on Seger’s website to honor Frey on the one year anniversary of his death. “It’s obviously not meant to be a hit,” Seger says. “There’s no chorus per se or title section or anything. The idea was just to honor his memory and talk, very specifically, about my impression of him in 1966 when we first met.”. ...Read Full Story

Twisted Sister’s Refusal to Allow Trump Campaign’s Use of ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’

Jay Jay French loves it! He loves it all, but what he doesn’t love is that the Trump Administration wants to use the Twisted Sister classic “We’re Not Gonna Take It” for their theme song this inauguration season. Front man Dee Snider is OK with it however but after controversy spilled over in the Twisted Sister fandom and Band member personal lives. Ultimately band members weren’t comfortable with Trump or any other candidate waving their song as a banner.. ...Read Full Story

Tribute to David Bowie Tour

A tribute tour in honor of David Bowie has launched and features  a bevy of super star talent that started on Jan. 8 (Bowie’s Birthday) at the Brixton Academy in London. Bowie would have been 70 this year. has more details below.. ...Read Full Story

Foo Fighters Tour U.S. in May

Foo Fighters have blocked out a lot of European Tour dates for the opening of 2017 but it looks like the Foo Fighters will headline the “BottleRock Festival” in Napa, Calif. towards the end of May. Tom Petty and Maroon 5 have also been announced for the Festival.. ...Read Full Story