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20 Years Ago: U2 Switch Gears Again With ‘Pop’ Read More: 20 Years Ago: U2 Switch Gears Again With ‘Pop’ |

There’s so much baggage when it comes to U2’s Pop album that it’s difficult to know where to start unpacking. The band’s 1997 record, with its embrace of dance rhythms and sampling, and its accompanying tour, with its arch (literally), post-modern posturing, have become so reviled as missteps that it’s not simple to get to the heart of the music, reports ...Read Full Story

Inside George Harrison’s Newly Expanded Memoir

Nearly 15 years after his death, the legacy of George Harrison and his fellow Beatles continues to reveal itself. At the moment, it’s in the form of a rare black-and-white photograph in the hands of Olivia Harrison, wife of the late singer-guitarist: It shows the early Beatles posing with their instruments in a barren stretch of Liverpool, England, dressed in matching suits but still looking tough behind their smiles, reports ...Read Full Story