Police Urge Caution On Water

Even the strongest swimmers and most experienced boaters will be in big trouble if they fall into fast-moving river water. That’s a lesson to learn after a Kalamazoo kayaker was found dead in the St. Joseph River after a three day search. Berrien County Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy Robert Boyce tells WSJM News the river conditions have been harsh lately.

“With all the rain that we’ve been having lately, the river is extremely high, and the currents are swifter than normal for this time of year,” Boyce said.

Boyce says 35-year-old Michael Scott was not wearing a life jacket when his body was found Monday by members of his boating club. VBoyce advises everyone to always bring a buddy when going out on the water and to wear a life jacket. The sheriff’s department ended its search for Michael Scott Monday night at dark, but the boaters in his club kept it up.