Deadline Approaching For State Student Aid Program


The deadline to apply for student aid through the state’s Tuition Incentive Program, or TIP, is approaching. Michigan Office of Post-Secondary Financial Planning Director Anne Wohlfert tells WSJM News TIP provides tuition to students who qualified for Medicaid for at least 24 months in a 36 month window since age nine.

“The students can have their first 24 credits at a community college level paid for by the Tuition Incentive Program, and it will cover up to a maximum of $250 in fees per semester,” Wolhfert said.

Wohlfert says students who qualify are automatically notified by the state, but with the deadline set for August 31, she wants to remind them it’s important to apply now.

“If you miss the deadline, then you’ve lost the ability to participate in this program. However, once you certify your award, you have up to four years to actually use it.”

Wohlfert says the state helped about 19,000 students through TIP last year. $63 million is budgeted for it each year. You can find out more right here.