Area Restaurants Adjusting To New Rules


Local restaurants are working to adjust to the new normal of only being allowed to serve customers via takeout as the COVID-19 outbreak continues. Jayme Bendoski with the Full Circle Cafe in Stevensville tells WSJM News she’s trying to get used to it.

“It’s definitely not as busy as we would like it to be this week, St. Paddy’s Day week and things like that,” Bendoski said. “I’m very concerned about waste. I’m doing a lot of specials and deals as I’m able to. I’m also concerned about my employees and my customers.”

Jennifer Stone, co-owner of the Early Bird Eatery in Bridgman says they’re running a tight ship and thanking their customers.

“It’s the outpouring of support that we’ve seen and people who are sharing how much they love our business and other businesses,” Stone said. “I mean, we have people buying $200 gift cards, which is amazing. We appreciate that everyone understands the situation we’re in and is willing to support us.”

Jayme Cousins with the Mason Jar in Benton Harbor says people are wishing them well.

“It’s been pretty quiet, but we’re pretty thankful for our loyal customers at the moment,” Cousins said.

However, she also says she’s “extremely anxious,” adding this is a “very difficult time.” Bendoski, over at the Full Circle, told us customers are ordering a lot of things they can reheat or prepare later at home. All of the restaurants we spoke to are concerned about their employees and wonder how long things will have to go on like this. Bendoski said she’s also worried about small businesses in general. She says they’ve all been affected.