Frequent Rocker

Rate Songs, Earn Points, Get Stuff

WIRX is – and always has been – Everything That Rocks! Here’s further proof with your chance to become a WIRX FREQUENT ROCKER!
Join up and then LISTEN, RATE, EARN and WIN! It’s almost TOO EASY!



  1. Step One: Make sure we are in your contact list. 269-925-9479. This number has you covered for calling and texting.
  2. Step Two: Listen and RATE the song – Just TEXT us your take – One through five. Five’s the best. ) Love a song, text 5. If it’s okay, text 3. If you don’t like (or are tired of) the song, text a 1). We’ll REWARD you with 5 points EVERY time you rate a song. (See below for more on rating songs). Use those POINTS to score things like concert tickets, sporting events, experiences, gift certificates and much more in our Frequent Rocker PRIZE POOL or BID and/or BUY BIG in our Frequent Rocker AUCTIONS!

To put it simply…  Listen.  Rate.  Earn. Join and start reaping the benefits!



Still have questions? All good! See if you can find the answer below.

  • HOW DOES THIS BENEFIT ME?That’s simple. Not only will your opinion help us choose the music you want to hear the most on WIRX, but you’ll also be earning POINTS just for giving us your opinion and with these POINTS you’ll be able to take a shot at the prizes you want to win that are ONLY available to WIRX Frequent Rockers.
  • THERE HAS TO BE A CATCH…Nope, no catch. No more busy phone lines; just a fair shot at anything and everything we can find in our PRIZE vault – and all WE want in return? Your opinion… 😉
    There are three ways to earn POINTS. Remember, your POINTS can be used to BUY chances to win in our PRIZE POOL or to BID ON / or outright BUY WIRX Frequent Rocker AUCTION items!
    1. RATE SONGS. We want your opinion on the music we play. You earn points every single time you rate a song. Occasionally we’ll give you EXTRA POINTS to RATE SONGS so make sure you listen for those opportunities. Not sure how to rate? See example below or Click here.
    2. Answer SURVEYS! We want to hear from you. SURVEYS are a quick and easy way to earn EXTRA POINTS.
    3. Enter KEYWORDS! Look for the Trophy on the left side of your profile page when you log in on your computer. Click it to enter KEYWORDS we give you every so often. Be sure to LISTEN to know what the KEYWORDS are and when they are valid!
    You now have the ability to HAVE A SAY IN WHAT WE PLAY! Sounds like a lot of work, right? NOPE! It’s simple!
    1. When you hear a song on WIRX, RATE it! Even if you are NOT a Frequent Rocker, you can now rate songs! (You can even rate the SAME song once every 7 days.)
    2. How does rating a song work if I’m not a Frequent Rocker? You don’t have to be a member (but we think you should be, of course). When you hear a song, just text your rating to 269-925-9479 while the song is playing. It doesn’t get any easier than that.TEXT RATING EXAMPLE:“5” – Love it!“3” – Like it!“1” – Hate it! By the way … If you are not a WIRX Frequent Rocker member and text your rating, you’ll STILL earn points! (But wouldn’t it be great to become a Frequent Rocker and have a place to SPEND those points? Wink wink nudge nudge)
  • WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO WITH MY PHONE NUMBER?Nothing, unless you win something, in which case we’ll just call you to let you know you’ve won – BUT, we will first try to contact you via email. So if you win an AUCTION item, check the email account you used to sign up with us. We will NEVER sell nor share your personal contact information with outside sources and we will NEVER call you to solicit anything.
  • ARE THESE TEXT MESSAGES GOING TO COST ME?Not in addition to what you already pay for cell service, unless you don’t have an unlimited texting plan. This program works best with people who have unlimited texting plans but if you don’t have unlimited texting, you’re not outta luck! You can rate songs directly from the Frequent Rocker home page on your PC/desktop/etc. So while texting is best, it’s not necessary. You should know that some mobile carriers are not compatible with SHORT-CODES. Check with your service provider for details.
  • WHAT ELSE CAN I DO AS A MEMBER?Glad you asked. Members have the ability to DIRECTLY text the WIRX studio – whenever you want.  Have a little back ‘n’ forth with the jock on the air, make fun of ’em…whatever…the possibilities are endless.  Request songs, Get EARLY ACCESS to benefits like CONCERT PRESALE CODES, TICKETS, Members ONLY events and more.  You also get to participate in online PRIZE POOLS and AUCTIONS using the points you earn when you RATE SONGS. You can take our online SURVEYS to voice your opinion on hot topics and EARN BONUS POINTS! Too easy, right?!

Become an ALL NEW WIRX Frequent Rocker! ….and welcome to the club.