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THU 8/25/16: Social Walls & Causes of Divorce

Today is kiss & makeup today, so we’ll try to figure out if there’s anyone we want to bury the hatchet with. Also, divorcing relationships and how we move on.

WED 8/24/16: Rear Ended & Eating Knives

Something happened to Nikki on his way to the studio and it involved sitting in traffic on the freeway. Jenn recently hit up a Pokemon Go shop and somehow silenced all of the men in the room.

TUE 8/23/16: Brain Boot Up & Getting Ripped

If you get home sick, we’ve found the perfect candle to help you get through. Find out why Jenn is a little bummed, and how to get your body ripped. How to boot up your brain in

MON 8/22/16: Closets & Afraid of the Dark

We get into what’s in Nikki and Jenn’s closet and the severed leg that was found in Rio during the Olympics. Why Nikki is being injected with his own blood. Why Jenn is literally afraid of the

FRI 8/19/16: Baby Fever & Avocados

We’ll get into why bringing pets to work may not be a good idea after all. And what guy did with his victim after he killed them is bizarre. TSA style checkpoints at concerts may be coming

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Rock News with Hunter

Biffy Clyro + Brand New Announce Massive Tour

Are you ready Biffy Clyro and Brand New fans? “Biffy Clyro will tour later this year, with Brand New in support! They’ll hit a bunch of arenas across the UK in November and December.” Rock Sound Via

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Interest Rate Hike Likely Coming Soon

The Federal Reserve could be close to raising interest rates. Michigan News Network Business Editor Murray Feldman says Fed Chair Janet Yellen has signaled a hike is coming, although she’s given no timetable. “When they do that it’s

Cook Plant Sirens To Be Tested Next Week

If you hear the sirens at the Cook nuclear power plant in Bridgman going off soon, don’t be alarmed. Cook spokesperson Dave Lefor says they’ll be conducting standard yearly tests of the plant’s 70 sirens starting on

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