Turn Your Loved One’s Ashes Into Cups and Plates [VIDEO]


A New Mexico-based artist has created a way to make coffee mugs out of human ashes.

The artist is now taking orders from people who want mugs, plates and bowls made from their loved ones’ ashes.

Founder Justin Crowe says that he created Chronicle Cremation Designs because he

wanted to create memorial objects that could be interacted with on a daily basis, integrating their memory back into the home and into daily life.

Customers who order custom dinnerware from the artist get a collection kit for the ashes. They send the kit back to and the artist adds a glaze mixture which melts into glass while being fired in a kiln.

It’s definitely not cheap either. It costs $399 to create the ashy glaze, and that can be used on up to 25 products ranging from $159 for jewelry to $549 for centerpiece bowls. A coffee mug costs just $199.


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