The 21 Worst Baby Names of 2016 Include Elizabreth, Abcde and Little Sweetmeat

Sometimes you see a kid’s name and go “what were your parents smoking when they came up with that name?” These are particularly horrible and have been voted as the worst baby names of 2016.

Elizabreth – No typos here. Someone thought they’d be fancy

Meldor – What Sci-Fi movie are you in?

Aliviyah – Pronounced ‘Olivia’ – but why not make it special?

Mhavrych – Pronounced “Maverick” – this is just painful

Beberly – Seriously? I mean… seriously?

Danger – Danger is a unisex name.

Little Sweetmeat – I don’t even know what to say about this one. How are you gonna name your child… nevermind

Nevaeh – Pronounced Nuh-veh-uh – Nevaeh is “Heaven” backwards.

C’andre – Pronounced “see-Andre.”

Colon – I mean, there’s Colin Powell but this is spelled like the actual part of your butt and that’s just gross

Abcde – Not even kidding. And apparently there are 328 people in the United States named Abcde. Oh, and it’s a girl name. How do you even pronounce this one?

Baby – Like Dirty Dancing. I’m pretty sure I was just making fun of this name yesterday

Merika – This would be so much better if the apostrophe was there

Jerica – I can’t

Panthy – Someone’s mother was a stripper

Reighleigh – Wouldn’t it have been easier to go with Riley? This kid is going to have a hell of a time sounding out words

Appaloosa – Maybe they conceived at Lollappaloosa

Gotham – Someone loves Batman a little too much. I can only hope their kid grows up loving Marvel

Yunique – Let’s throw a Y in front of unique to make it really unique

Melanomia – I’ve always wanted to name my child after skin cancer

Britney Shakira Beyonce – Yup. This kid’s parents have some really high expectations. Sure your kid is going to rise to the challenge


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