11 Things Turning 30 This Year [VIDEO]

We want you to feel as old as we do right now. So we’ve put together a list of a few things that are turning 30 this year.

Full House – Debuted September 22, 1987. Season 2 of Fuller House is currently on Netflix and a 3rd season was recently verified.

Panera Bread – Opened in 1987

Red Bull – Began giving us wings in 1987

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TV series) – Debuted on December 28, 1987

Married… With Children – Debuted on FOX on April 5, 1987

This Is Your Brain On Drug ads – Launched in 1987

The Princess Bride (the movie) – Opened on September 25, 1987


Hooked On Phonics – The reading program began in 1987

The Simpsons – The family debuted as shorts on The Tracey Ullman Show on April 19, 1987. The show itself began in 1989.

Disposable Contact Lenses first appeared in 1987

McDonald’s Monopoly – We all know you look forward to this every year.