Products And Characters Original Names; Candy Corn Was Once Named ‘Chicken Feed’ [VIDEO]

Buzzfeed put together a list of 33 things that originally had different names. We pulled a few that we found particularly interesting.

Candy corn was originally called “Chicken Feed.”

The Powerpuff Girls were originally called the “Whoopass Girls.”

SpongeBob was originally called “Spongeboy.” They couldn’t use that name because it was copyrighted by a mop company.

Q-Tips were originally called “baby gays.” The “q” was added to mean quality.

Snapchat was originally called “Pictaboo.”

Google was originally called “BackRub.”

Mickey Mouse was originally “Mortimer.” Walt Disney’s wife hated the name, so he changed it

(Harry Potter’s) Hermione Granger’s name was supposed to be “Hermione Puckle.”

Yahoo was originally called “Jerry’s guide to the world wide web.” It was basically just a collection of this guy named Jerry’s favorite links and golf scores.

Cotton candy was originally called “fairy floss.” It made its US debut in St. Louis at the world’s fair in1904. It started being referred to as “cotton candy” in the 1920s.

The movie “Pretty Woman” was at first titled “3000”.

Buzz Lightyear was originally named “Lunar Larry.”

Limp Bizkit was at one time called “Blood Fart.”

Creed’s original name was “Naked Toddler.”

Rudolph (Red-nosed Reindeer) was almost named Reginald.