What You Didn’t Miss At The Grammy’s [VIDEO]


We were all hoping for an amazing performance and it seems as though it would have been if the Grammy’s didn’t continue to mess things up for rock fans.

It began the very first time the Grammy’s gave away a Best Metal Performance Award to Jethro Tull. Since then, rock awards have been given to jam bands, rock performances have been cut early to go to commercial and a slew of other issues have plagued rock at the Grammy’s. Last night was no exception.

The Metallica/ Lady Gaga performance of ‘Moth to Flame’ was riddled with technical issues forcing James Hetfield to share a mic with Gaga. At the end of the performance, he was visibly angry and threw his guitar to the tech side stage.


David Bowie swept the rock category winning Best Rock Song, Best Rock Performance and Best Alternative Album. No disrespect to Bowie… obviously a genius… but he hasn’t been a rock act since the 90s. Okay, whatever, I can get over that. Megadeth won Best Metal Performance with Dystopia!!! Awesome!!! Or at least it would be had the house band not played METALLICA as the band walked on stage!

Basically… any ounce of any hope that anyone had in the Grammy’s ever giving any recognition to any rock/ metal band ever, completely went away last night.


[YouTube: Grammy’s]