Orchards Mall Behind On Property Taxes, Water Bills

The Orchards Mall in Benton Township is a little more than a month away from foreclosure. The Berrien County Treasurer’s office tells WSJM News the mall still hasn’t paid its property taxes, and they’re due on March 31. If that day comes and goes, the treasurer will foreclosure on the property, and he also tells us he will not offer the mall’s owners a payment plan due to their prior history of failing to pay bills. About $500,000 to $600,000 is owed by the mall in property taxes. However, the treasurer also wants its stores to know the building will not be closed if he pursues foreclosure. The stores will be allowed to stay open.

Meanwhile, WSJM News has learned the mall is also behind on its water and sewer bills to Benton Township. The mall is set to get a shutoff notice on Tuesday, and from there will have until March 17 to pay up. We’re told this is not the first time the mall has fallen behind, and it currently owes the township about $17,000. The two anchor stores, JC Penny and Carson’s, have separate water and sewer accounts from the rest of the complex.