Ben & Jerry’s Introduces 3 New Flavors Inspired By Cereal [VIDEO]

Ben & Jerry’s has just announced 3 brand new ice cream flavors inspired by popular childhood breakfast cereals.

The line consists of “Froot Loot”which tastes just like Fruity Pebbles, “Frozen Flakes” is a nod to Frosted Flakes, and “Cocoa Loco” is perfect for Cocoa Pebbles lovers.

Photo Credit: Ben & Jerry’s


Cereal milk ice cream with crisp fruity cereal swirls. It’s like if cereal, Saturday-morning cartoons, and superhero pajamas were an ice cream flavor. Everything but the prize at the bottom of the box (which you’d have to fight your sister for, anyway).


Photo Credit: Ben & Jerry’s



Cereal milk ice cream with crisp cereal swirls. Get out your footie pajamas, because this is a cereal-ous blast from the past. Just add your favorite bowl, a big spoon, and settle into the comfiest spot on the couch.


Photo Credit: Ben & Jerry’s


​Chocolate cereal milk ice cream with crisp chocolate cereal swirls. Remember those special mornings when Mom let you have chocolate cereal instead of the regular kind? This is all of those magical mornings, churned into an ice cream flavor. All you need is your favorite cartoons.



A spokesman for Ben & Jerry’s said:

So why combine ice cream and cereal? Because the sweet milk at the bottom of a cereal bowl is arguably the best part. We wanted to take our flavor concepts and make people feel like a kid again, which is how we landed with our Cereal Splashback flavors. There’s a flavor for every fan that will help bring them back to the prize-at-the-bottom-of-the-box days, watching Saturday morning cartoons in pajamas.

Unfortunately, the flavors are only available at Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops, so you’re going to have to travel to St. Louis to get them.


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